Welcome, Friends


This here is a private fan website, unaffiliated with Rupert Spira.

Holger Hubbs
Pacific Grove, California (UTC-8)

I envision FriendsOfRupertSpira.com as a simple hub; a precious opportunity to connect and celebrate with other same-hearted human beings who resonate in art, beauty, love, intelligence and generosity. Topics like overwhelm, depression, frustration, anxiety, loneliness are not off-topic.

From my side this space here is free of attachments and expectations, besides the bravery to give more recognition to the heart and to risk to explore even our subtle "I don't like this".

Strangely, after decades of introversion I feel deep gratitude for the gift of inter-human relationships on the Internet. Please gift me your feedback in regard to GardenOfFriends.com and NondualSharing.com not as an Advaita Club, but simply as a priceless gift, beyond making-sense.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud.
Thank you!

Holger Hub-bs