Welcome, Friends


This here is a private fan website, unaffiliated with Rupert Spira.

Holger Hubbs
Pacific Grove, California (UTC-8)

After decades of introversion I feel deep gratitude for the gift of inter-human interchange. 

I envision FriendsOfRupertSpira.com as a simple hub; a precious opportunity to connect and celebrate as same-hearted human beings who resonate in art, beauty, love, intelligence and generosity. 

Topics like overwhelm, depression, frustration, anxiety, loneliness are not off-topic.

Please share your feedback in regard to GardenOfFriends.com and Nondual.Community... Not as a new identity or entertainment, but as a priceless opportunity, higher than making-sense.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud.
Thank you! 

Holger Hub-bs